My Story

An organic life, as God intended, is how I believe we should all live. I believe a majority of consumer products sold in the U.S. have been tampered and processed so excessively that they are toxic and poisonous. From genetically modified and chemically-laden food, beauty and cleaning products and pet supplies, to our polluted air, water, homes, mattresses, and furniture. In almost every capacity, consumers are being affected by and bombarded with unnecessary toxins that cause sickness and degenerative diseases.

The cure for what’s ailing you?

An abstinence from chemicals. An organically-driven life. Perhaps the solution is to move to Europe where health standards are better regulated. U.S. politicians and government agencies are constantly bought off by big corporations which are poisoning consumers for a dollar, and we, as consumers are paying the price. But, I fancy my home in Florida, so I’m staying put for now and taking control of the things I can.

Road to resolution

My inspiration is driven by the health crisis I endured for my entire young-adult life. For years, I stumbled around sick in the dark until I finally fell upon an epiphany which led me to take on a series of 8-10 day water fasts, and altered my diet and environment, thus changing my life forever.

Since I was in high school, I was “diagnosed” with chronic syncope (chronic fainting), furious red rashes covering my entire body and as I got older, the rashes became more intense- they enveloped my face and mouth. I would hide under pounds of make-up and my eyes would swell shut. I was having an allergic response to everything when I had never been allergic to anything.

Even worse, as time went on, I endured a long bout of unpredictable vomiting and diarrhea. There were nights I’d wake up from a dead sleep and start projectile vomiting all over my bed. I slept in the bath tub because the messes were getting to be too much. I had no energy to do anything and took an extended leave of absence from work while I tried to figure out what was happening to me.

Medically, I was taking anti-vomiting and anti-diarrhea medication, undergoing EKGs, never-ending blood tests, barium swallow tests, ultrasounds, you name it- I did it. I continued to worsen until one day I was getting a refill on my prescriptions and realized the side effects of my anti-vomiting pills was diarrhea and a side effect of my anti-diarrhea pills was vomiting. It was in that moment I realized I had to change my plan of attack.

True North

After weeks of research, I stumbled upon a video of a highly intelligent man, Dr. Goldhamer from True North Health Center, touting the benefits of water fasting for healing. Intrigued and desperate, I decided to jump all in. After taking on a series of water fasts and slowly changing my diet as I re-fed my body I noticed major health improvements were happening. Over time, I converted to using cleaner, more natural products on my body and in my environment, and as time went on, the fainting stopped altogether (thank, God- I can’t even guess how many concussions I’ve accrued over the years), my violent rashes cleared, my complexion softened (so long rash ‘stache), the chronic vomiting and diarrhea disappeared, and to this day I continue to feel better and notice things changing as time carries on.

the cure to disease is not in a pill, it’s in our behavior.

As I continue to embark on my journey to live as toxic-free and organically as possible, my goal is to share my discoveries and insights to help you along your way. By sharing life-altering stories and discoveries, we can spread the news that the cure to disease is not in a pill, it’s in our behavior.

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