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Why You Should Take an Epsom Salt Bath Tonight!

Taking vitamins and eating a well-balanced diet to feel and perform at your optimal level can be exhausting in itself. Epsom salt is full of magnesium (it is magnesium sulfate) which is absorbed through your skin, so a warm Epsom salt bath is one…

Autoimmune Solution: Invest In Yourself, Not Big Pharma

Disease starts slowly- in a gradual, rotting way. Autoimmune disease can be a spectrum of disorders, but they all have common roots. From dire, life destroying diseases like Chrohn’s, Diabetes, or Rheumatoid Arthritis to inflammatory conditions like eczema or hair loss. It’s the body…

3 Things You Can Do for Your Health (Right Now) That Are Free, Easy, and Life Changing

Fresh air biking

I often hear folks discuss their health as if it’s out of their reach or unachievable- a gym membership is costly and eating fresh organic food is confusing and isn’t in the budget. While I do think there are solutions to both of those…

Turn That Vodka Spritzer into Bug Spray: Natural Homemade Bug Repellent That You Can Drink

Bug Repellent Herbs

Summer is here and by Jove so are those pesky bugs! What I would do for a bug-free (or at least biting bug-free) patio without utilizing toxic chemicals that put the environment, wildlife, my family, and pugs in danger! Turns out, I’d spend weeks…

The ABCs on CBD

Manny Loves his CBD Oil

What you need to know before you buy CBD Oil for you or your pets.

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