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How Acidic Are You?

Acid-Alkaline Balanced Diet

I used to chug a glass of water with baking soda before I went to bed to combat the indigestion and acid reflux that I would inevitably get as soon as I laid down. Thankfully, I no longer have to do that, but I…

Why Vegan?

Don't eat your friends!

The Standard American Diet (SAD) and processed foods are not your friends Conventional processed foods are formulated to have drug-like qualities with various concoctions of fat, sugar, oil, and/or salt designed to physically addict your body and brain. When functional MRI’s are given to…

Pour Me Another Glass of Weed Killer, Please

Do you know how much glyphosate is lurking in your glass of wine, beer, or cocktail? Or how much is in your bowl of conventional cereal? WTH is glyphosate? In short, poison. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in common herbicides like Roundup. It’s highly…

The #1 Easiest Non-Dairy Nut Milk You Can Make Yourself

Organic Raw Cashew

This is so easy, you won’t believe it! Get yourself some organic raw cashews (do not use roasted or flavored nuts- this won’t work the same in a processed state). Get your cashews locally if possible, but if you’re like me that’s not an…

The ABCs on CBD

Manny Loves his CBD Oil

What you need to know before you buy CBD Oil for you or your pets.

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