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Why Vegan?

Don't eat your friends!

The Standard American Diet (SAD) and processed foods are not your friends Conventional processed foods are formulated to have drug-like qualities with various concoctions of fat, sugar, oil, and/or salt designed to physically addict your body and brain. When functional MRI’s are given to…

Autoimmune Solution: Invest In Yourself, Not Big Pharma

Disease starts slowly- in a gradual, rotting way. Autoimmune disease can be a spectrum of disorders, but they all have common roots. From dire, life destroying diseases like Chrohn’s, Diabetes, or Rheumatoid Arthritis to inflammatory conditions like eczema or hair loss. It’s the body…

Pour Me Another Glass of Weed Killer, Please

Do you know how much glyphosate is lurking in your glass of wine, beer, or cocktail? Or how much is in your bowl of conventional cereal? WTH is glyphosate? In short, poison. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in common herbicides like Roundup. It’s highly…

Your Body is Your Car, So Why Not Be a Ferrari?

I once had a car that wouldn’t reverse and it would overheat every few miles. I would visualize my entire trip prior to departing to ensure I wouldn’t get caught in a sticky situation. Most people don’t have to consider whether there’s only parallel…

3 Things You Can Do for Your Health (Right Now) That Are Free, Easy, and Life Changing

Fresh air biking

I often hear folks discuss their health as if it’s out of their reach or unachievable- a gym membership is costly and eating fresh organic food is confusing and isn’t in the budget. While I do think there are solutions to both of those…

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