Don’t Sacrifice Your Health for Beauty’s Sake!

Healthy Makeup

The things we’ll do for beauty, right? I used to do all kinds of crazy things in the name of beauty- but that seems like a lifetime ago. What you’re wearing on your face could be toxic. Carcinogens, petrochemicals, hormone disruptors, etc. are lurking in conventional beauty products. You eat a healthy diet and exercise, but your skin is a dumping ground for toxins soaking directly into your largest organ (skin) and making you sick.

No thank you! I refuse to tolerate this. I vote with my dollars and only support companies that have the same vision as mine and make me look and feel my best.

100% Pure is my absolute favorite. Their hair and beauty products work great with my body chemistry. After washing my hair, it feels clean and healthy. Their makeup is organic and pigmented with fruit (and smells delicious, too) and at the end of the day I feel like I’ve done my skin a favor by applying it.

Here are a few other brands I dabble with:

Please share what beauty products and makeup works for you!

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